Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Grok didn't do door to door sales.

As much as I love being spontaneous and not necessarily having a day to day plan, it started to take its toll on me. I was collecting unemployment from my job in NYC. For a 24 year old male with no children or a significant other, there isn't much I have to be responsible to, so the unemployment was plenty. I was sleeping until the afternoon, and staying up late at night. I was getting my 7-8 hours of sleep, but at a totally different time the rest of the world was.

I was longing for something to send me into more of a regular routine. One of my favorite things in NYC (when it actually happened) was waking up while everyone was out and about heading to work. I would walk out on my stoop, coffee in hand and just take in the sights, the smell and the noises. It was always very refreshing. I liked to grab the paper and see what was going on in the world.

When you don't HAVE to do something, it becomes difficult to make yourself do anything. So I took a job as a door to door salesman for the cable company. I absolutely hated it. I wasn't any good at selling things to people. But it did keep me waking up at 7 am and being ready to sleep around midnight. A good bit of my depression really would sink in during the witching hours. When no one else was up, and I was left alone to over-think and over-evaluate whatever was going on in my life. And snack on foods I shouldn't be snacking on.

So now I am excited to be taking some classes I have great interest in starting next week. I am no longer selling cable door to door, but I will have to get up early for class, so that will help keep me in the swing of a routine. I am taking German, Political Science, History and Public Speaking. I'm not guaranteeing a degree out of this, but I do like to learn and give my brain a workout. To share a little secret about me. Everyone always says I have to have a backup plan to the music. I just kinda roll my eyes or shrug it off. There really isn't a backup plan. Anyone who knows what it is like to emerge yourself in your own art and want to see it take off, can understand the feeling. But if I did have to be something, I would enjoy a career in some sort of Government law enforcement.. Postal Inspector, US Marshal, FBI Agent, something of the like. Perhaps being fluent in German would spice up my resume a bit??

Grok out with your Rock out

- Grok Star

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